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R. Douglas Fields, PhD, is a neuroscientist and author. Throughout his career his scientific research has explored the cellular mechanisms of nervous system development, plasticity, and memory, working at UC San Diego, Stanford University, Yale University, and the National Institutes of Health.

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Quitting Time? How you Think of Time Determines If You Will Quit Your Job

A new study finds that conception of time may influence whether someone quits. KEY POINTS New research reveals that how a person thinks about time determines whether or not they will quit their job. The findings provide a new perspective on the Great Resignation. Source: Kmtextor, Creative Commons, Wikimedia   The Great Resignation continues at…

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The threats and ethics of neuroweapons and mind control

The current issue of the UNESCO Courier examines the subject of neuroweapons and mind control.  Many feel new international regulation on the use of neuroscience technology for manipulating and interrogating people’s minds is needed. I agree, but I also think it is prudent to separate fact from fear, and to put this potential threat in…

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