What is as unique as your fingerprints and more revealing than your diary?


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R. Douglas Fields, PhD, is a neuroscientist and author. Throughout his career his scientific research has explored the cellular mechanisms of nervous system development, plasticity, and memory, working at UC San Diego, Stanford University, Yale University, and the National Institutes of Health.

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How Early Trauma Can Pass Through Generations

Is it possible that psychological trauma that your grandparents suffered long before you were born could have been passed down through generations to reappear as mental health issues that afflict you? New experimental research by a team of investigators in Canada and Italy suggests the answer is yes. Mental health problems can be a legacy…

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Why Your Tongue Sticks Out When You Thread a Needle

Ever wonder why your tongue sticks out when you thread a needle?  To find out why (and understand rock singer Joe Cocker’s wild gesticulations), see my article in Quanta Magazine   One day, while threading a needle to sew a button, I noticed that my tongue was sticking out. The same thing happened later, as…

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