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R. Douglas Fields, PhD, is a neuroscientist and author. Throughout his career his scientific research has explored the cellular mechanisms of nervous system development, plasticity, and memory, working at UC San Diego, Stanford University, Yale University, and the National Institutes of Health.

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Nabbing Criminals by Using Brainwave Analysis

In a dramatic courtroom demonstration, O. J. Simpson struggled to put on a pair of blood-soaked leather gloves recovered from the murder scene—damning physical evidence of guilt if indeed the gloves were his.  “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit,” defense attorney Johnnie Cochran proclaimed to the jury.  Whether Simpson’s failed efforts were theatrics or honest is difficult…

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Neurological Implications of COVID-19 Raise Concerns

Virologists are alerting doctors to a possibility that could help explain two of the most puzzling aspects of COVID-19—why the severity of the disease varies so widely, and how the infection can be so deadly. In severe cases the virus may enter the brain through the olfactory nerve in the nasal cavity and damage neurons that control…

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