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Print Interviews and articles:

Book review of Why We Snap in National Association of Science Writers “Advance Copy” Section edited by Lynne Lamberg, ScienceWriters, (Spring, 2016) Vol. 65, No. 2, p. 10, and advance on-line January 13.

Book review, Business Insider Science Section May 2, 2016, and 9 Reasons Why People Snap, by Rebecca Harrington, April 27, 2016.

Explaining Rage:  A Q and A with R. Douglas Fields in Scientific American MIND, by Diana Kwon, March 1, 2016 (advance copy on-line)

Scientific American MIND reviews Why We Snap, by Diana Kwon, by Diana Kwon, March 1, 2016 (advance copy on-line)

National Geographic’s Book Talk, Your brain is hardwired to snap, interview with the author of Why We Snap, February 7, 2016, by Simon Worrall

Frederick News and Post  Calm down:  Book examines the biology behind rage, Karen Gardner, January 24, 2016  Biology behind rage

Why do we snap?  This author can tell you why, Emily Perper, The Curious Iguana, January 24, 2016  Why do we snap?

Discover Magazine  Why we snap, from road rage to barroom brawls, Carl Engelking, January 13, 2016  Road Rage to Barroom brawls

Time Magazine  The Science of why people ‘snap’ in anger, by Doug Fields, January 14, 2016  Quick Take

Science (AAAS)  Unleashing the beast within, by Pascal Wallisch, January 15, 2016, Vol. 351, Issue 6270, pp. 232  Book Review, Why We Snap

New York Magazine, A neuroscientist expalins the phrase ‘I just snapped’, by Melissa Dahl, Science of Us, January 20, 2016 I just snapped

LinkedIn Why we snap at work, by R. Douglas Fields, January 21, 2016 why we snap at work

Lifehacker,  Why slow internet and getting stuck in traffic makes you snap, by Patrick AllenJanuary 20, 2016:  road rage and snapping

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