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Archive for May 2010

Money Buys Unhappiness, Proven in a New Study

            “Tis the gift to be simple,” the Quakers sing.  A century later Paul McCartney echoes the refrain, “Money can’t buy me love.”  Catholic nuns and Buddhist monks take vows of poverty.  “Simplify.  Simplify.” Henry David Thoreau preaches.              The belief that money erodes happiness is a persistent theme running through centuries of the world’s…

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Festering Brain Infection–Piercing the Illusion of Safety

            She was young and wild, a bit of a rebel.  The 22-year-old woman’s body art announced that message as subtly as a billboard on a highway.  No stranger to illegal drugs, she had inhaled or injected the worst of them, including cocaine and heroin.  But recently she had turned a corner.  Last month she…

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