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Hurricane Matthew Could Leave A Wake Of Autism

Hurricane Matthew has left a devastating wake of destruction and death in Haiti where nearly 900 people have lost their lives, but research on pregnant women who survived similar hurricanes reveals potential hidden victims — unborn children who face increased risk of autism and other physical and mental illnesses caused by the psychological trauma that…

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Toxin in Dungeness Crab Causes Brain Damage

Commercial Crab Fishermen, Pillar Point, CA The California Fish and Game Commission has banned crab fishing until further notice after detecting high levels of a neurotoxin in Dungeness and rock crabs. The toxin, domoic acid, is produced by certain types of planktonic algae, and it becomes concentrated in tissue of crabs and other marine organisms…

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The Absurdity of “Medical Marijuana”

Science is strangled by a government-imposed catch-22 that restricts access to marijuana on the basis that there is insufficient evidence supporting its medical benefits and safety, while blocking the research that would provide such information.

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