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How Scientific American Magazine Helps Shape the English Language

It is fascinating to consider that there was a time when such commonly used words as “pre-heat,” “download,” and “phone,” did not exist.  More surprising, perhaps, is that the first recorded use of these words in print, and 205 others in the English language, was in Scientific American magazine. That’s according to the Oxford English…

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The Strange Case of the “Sonic Attack” in Havana: Cuban Scientists Narrow in on Suspect

HAVANA–The US State Department warns US citizens not to travel to Cuba because numerous US Embassy employees in Havana have been targeted in specific attacks that have caused hearing loss and serious central nervous system injury, but the culprit, means, and motive for the international crime remain a mystery despite a year of reporting.  Senator…

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Extraordinary Ability of Blind People to Hear Ultrafast Speech

New research presented at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego shows that blind people can understand speech at ultrafast rates, well beyond what a sighted person can comprehend.  Using brain imaging, the researchers discovered how they were able to do this.  The parts of the brain that process hearing get re-wired to the…

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