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CBS 60 Minutes Sensationalized Report on a Sonic or Microwave Weapon Harming US Diplomats

On Sunday, March 17 2019, CBS 60 Minutes broadcast an alarming report on the Cuban/Chinese, sonic/microwave/neuroweapon attack on US embassy staff and their families.  The report is an example of how a once credible press has been supplanted by tabloid sensationalism and fearmongering.  The program featured interviews with staff and family members at the US…

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Culprit in Cuban Sonic Attack Revealed!

The alarming story that a mysterious energy beam caused traumatic brain injury to US Embassy personnel in Havana has consumed the media in an anxious frenzy not seen since the UFO hysteria of the 1950’s.   Many possible suspects in this cruel affair have been fingered, but the perpetrator remains elusive.  That, in my opinion, is…

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