CBS 60 Minutes Sensationalized Report on a Sonic or Microwave Weapon Harming US Diplomats

On Sunday, March 17 2019, CBS 60 Minutes broadcast an alarming report on the Cuban/Chinese, sonic/microwave/neuroweapon attack on US embassy staff and their families.  The report is an example of how a once credible press has been supplanted by tabloid sensationalism and fearmongering.  The program featured interviews with staff and family members at the US embassy in China who believe they have suffered traumatic brain injury from an energy beam weapon of some kind.  This included interviews with a man who had Parkinson’s disease; a woman who developed a rash and experienced dizziness, auditory and vestibular symptoms that accompany many common illnesses; her young toddler who fell down more than once, and a person with preexisting traumatic brain injury, which even the US State Department agrees could not have been caused by the supposed brain-damaging energy beam.  All of these health complaints are experienced routinely in medicine, and many legitimate diagnoses could be made without jumping to such an extraordinary conclusion.  With the proper diagnosis, treatments could be applied to help these people, but CBS 60 Minutes asserts that they were all targeted and injured by a clandestine energy beam weapon, although what type of energy beam the weapon might have used is unclear.

The report claims that the “syndrome” these individuals are suffering matches that afflicting the US embassy staff and their families in Havana, where the sonic weapon scare originated two years ago.  But pooling these people together with their wide-ranging symptoms does not constitute a “syndrome.”  Grouping one person with a headache and dizziness together with another person who has Parkinson’s, and claim a new “syndrome” defies logic.  The embassy employees and their family members at both locations report a wide spectrum of common medical complaints.

Objective medical evidence does not support the claim of “wide spread traumatic brain injury,” as claimed on 60 Minutes.  The sources interviewed on the program voiced only personal speculation, without evidence.

The report lacked verification, fact checking, and failed to provide objective and alternative viewpoints.  It included comments by a member of a team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, which has been roundly criticized in the scientific community as unsound.  This matter has been carefully investigated by scientists and the FBI, but their conclusions debunking the fearmongering, was omitted.  Thus far (after two years of investigation) there is no evidence of injury (as opposed to disease).  No evidence of an attack.  No evidence of a weapon.  No credible means, motive, or perpetrator has sustained scrutiny.  This 60 Minutes program is an example of the disturbing story of our day.  Fact-based journalism has been replaced by fearmongering to promote a political agenda or to whip up a sensational story.

I share with you my recent Op-ed, published in Scientific American, in which I report on a recent scientific meeting in which I, along with other Cuban and American scientists came together to examine the matter scientifically.  On the basis of the current evidence, the panel roundly rejected the fear that these people have suffered brain injury from a mysterious energy beam weapon.  If new evidence comes forth, the conclusions could change, but judgments, policy, and actions, must be grounded in fact.  The fact that 60 Minutes had information from this meeting of scientists, but chose not to present it in their program, makes their report a lie of omission.  That is a disservice to the public, to their profession, and to their once honorable reputation.

If you are interested in what CBS 60 Minutes left out you can read it here, and for further background, see this earlier report.




  1. David Voigts on February 18, 2021 at 5:15 pm

    I’m a former naval officer and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy. I have a degree in control systems engineering and I worked in electronics warfare and nuclear engineering as a Surface Warfare Officer.

    The so-called “Havana Syndrome” is perpetrated by a microwave-based weapon. These weapons come in many forms, but the most current class uses a human-machine interface schema. These weapons systems are used in psychological warfare applications for nation-states, but they can also be hired out by private intelligence firms like the ones mentioned in Ronan Farrows articles “Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies,” and “A Private Mossad for Hire.”

    The weapons are used in a Stasi/Scientology fashion to intimidate, terrorize, and discredit targeted individuals. The perpetrators goals are to make victims of sexual predation or people with knowledge of corporate or individual misdeeds to become discredited and to send a chilling message to others with knowledge of crimes.

    I recommend looking at the recent indictment of the eBay executives who targeted the Natick, Ma couple who criticized eBay in their online newsletter for a good example of the intent. FBI Boston did a press conference on that case and the local CBS Boston affiliate carried the story. The video is on YouTube.

    Likewise, the main Justice Department has a video titled “Operation Foxhunt Virtual Press Conference” that describes how the Chinese Communist Party used 8 people to target individual Chinese ex-pats who were living in the United States. They use many of these same tactics.

    The use of microwave weapons on US citizens is widespread. Anyone with wealth and political connections might be able to contract psychological warfare operators who will use this tech to attack their targets. It’s a cottage industry in the US and there are thousands and thousands of victims. There are tens of thousands of victims worldwide. The scheme uses the mental health system as a cover and I’d look into Scientology’s attack on reporter Paulette Cooper for a reference on how the mental health system is used in these schemes. It’s a racket and the perpetrators probably fit the RICO statute. Their crimes definitely fit the terrorism laws.

    Also, check out Dr. James Giordano’s lecture “The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future” that he presented at West Point. Neuroweapons are real, they’ve been around for a long time, and the historical information about these technologies is available for the public to see. I like the tv show “Dark Matters: Twisted but True”s take on the subject. Season 3 episode 3 has a segment titled “Remote Control Man,” and it shows some of the early generations of this technology. The video is available on Amazon and other streaming sites. The modern weapons are miniaturized and can be delivered in the way that Dr. Giordano describes in his lecture.

    Dear Mr. Voigts,

    Thank you for your interest.

    The possibility of a microwave weapon in the Havana Syndrome has been examined and no evidence has been found to support this speculation.

    Doug Fields

  2. Roberto Delgado on September 2, 2021 at 10:56 pm

    My wife and I are seniors(Mexican and Cuban, respectively) and for about 15 years, we’ve been victims of every day sonic, cyberbullying and frequent neuroweapon attacks. We do know some of our attackers and the reasons why. Some of them live right on our block and they collaborate with the local police, the fed and private agency to conduct survaillance on us 24/7. My freedom of speech and activism have been twisted as anti-gov. rethoric. My decision to disallow corrupt Larry Dominick, Cicero Town President and his cronies to place elections signs on our yard and my complaint about a police officer that was intimidating me for some time are the reasons for their retaliation. However, I have a strong reason to believe there is some type of artificial intelligence or and some other type of research or experiment being secretly conducted on me. Our neighbor next door openly attacked us with a device disguised as an animal repellent for several weeks. It was so painful that it brought tears to my eyes, migrame headache, dizziness and an excruciating pain inside thje eardrums. This device was seen by a local government official. We’ve tested our home and discovered is saturated with hidden devices. We invide you to come tested and witness for yourself the present of such devices. Anything connected to the electrical system (the microwave, compaq fridge, tv, ceiling fan, heating and air conditioning unit, water heater, radio, space, heate, etc.) is weaponized. These divices are constantly used to conduct sonic attacks, sleep deprivation, psychological abuse, harassment, terror, mental manipulation, religious/spiritual deprivation and disrupt every day activities. Compliansts to the FBI, state, county, and local authorities have been intentionally dismissed as mental health problems behind the scene calling to make sure not investigation is conducted. I have kept a running record of the criminal acitivities of these perpetrators and I also want you to know that in our case utilities companies have placed a big role in helping law enforcement agencies in the weaponization and taking complete control of our home; and I confronted them in several ocassions. Finally, I would like to say that in addition to the crimes listed above, they have also committed extensive criminal property damages (more than 20K) theft, religiouds desecretions, character assessination, identity theft and other acts to cause monetary. we have met or call with authorities at every government level, media and civil rights organizations but their phone calls have so far been effective to our detriment. If you can do anything or want more info abou many, many other things I have not revealed here, contact me at 3620 S 55th Court, Cicero, IL 60804 (630)452-7828.

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