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Gamma Waves in the Brain–Fumes or Fundamental?

SAN DIEGO—The most fundamental question of how information is coded and processed in the brain is being re-examined, and the controversy drew an overflow crowd of neuroscientists to participate in an intense debate at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in San Diego. The textbook explanation that information is coded digitally by the firing rate…

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Muscling Up Brain-Computer Interfaces

The internet is abuzz with reports of neuroscientists linking the human brain to computers to eliminate the clickety keyboard and empower us to control personal electronic devices or manipulate robotic arms.  But the science beneath the sizzle doesn’t support all the sensational claims, and there are significant practical hurdles. Unless you have a medical condition…

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Brainwaves in people addicted to internet gaming are different

  Researchers reported this week in the journal Scientific Reports, that they are able to identify differences in brain connectivity in people who are addicted to internet gaming.  Most appropriately, scientists are able to do this by tapping into the brain’s Wi-Fi-like electrical signals radiating through gamer’s skulls.  After sampling only 10 minutes of brainwave…

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Wireless Brain Implant Allows “Locked-In” Woman to Communicate

Experts call the technology a “significant achievement,” but critics say the risks may not be justified.  The new brain-computer interface enables HB to select letters on a computer screen using her mind alone, spelling out words at a rate of one letter every 56 seconds, to share her thoughts. Credit: Brain Center Rudolf Magnus, University…

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Olympic Gold for Brainwave Performance

Whether or not a competitor stands on the podium wearing an Olympic metal can depend on a thousandth of a second difference in finishing time.  Greater physical performance may not be what separate winners from losers when the margin is that close.  Instead, it can be something beyond the competitor’s will–brainwaves.

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How is the brain like a guitar? Hint: It is all about rhythm

Typically we are introduced to the nervous system by analogy to an electrical circuit, like a door bell or a telephone line carrying a signal rapidly over long distance to activate a specific process. Never mind that electrical impulses are not transmitted through nerve axons anything like electrons flowing through a copper wire, this electronic…

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